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    Apex is Free
  • Apex Runs inside database engine
    Apex is fast
  • Apex has mobile built in
    Apex is mobile
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About Apexli

We build mobile and web apps with Oracle Apex that meet business needs and the users love working with.

With custom apps designed for your business you can transform the way the business works. We combine your business requirements, user inputs and Apex related technologies to create apps that users love to work with.
Careful evaluation and exploration of requirements and matching them with Apex power results in easy to use apps. We put the requirements through a rigorous vetting process, polishing and enhancing the idea along the way by suggesting new ways Apex can help.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Creative

Combining business and user requirements with Apex capabilities, we offer new solutions.

We Are Punctual

Coming up with a schedule and then sticking to it is important for us.

We have magic

Browser technology is getting richer everyday. We use that to add some pizzaz to apps.

We love simple

We keep apps simple to use by looking at the things from the user point of view.

We are responsible

We understand and do our best to meet your requirements.

We Are Friendly

We explain things in plain English.

Sample Apex Projects

Budget Process Flow
With a thousand new capital projects each year for their parks, CPD never got reliable budget answers from their Excels. This caused delays in projects as well as over spending. Apex was used to make two way connections with CPD enterprise systems using SOA and other methods for live data and the Apex application allowed users in three separate departments to smoothly handle the complete budget request and approval process flow. With over 70 reports, Apex became the first place users went to for reliable and up-to-date data. Place of Truth, they call it.
Heavy Peak Activity
With over 1500 stores spread over a couple of time zones, Apex application is used to communicate with stores on a frequent basis as well as handle chain wide inventory periodically. All stores must input their inventory into the system within a two hour period before the stores open for business in the morning. Apex was tuned to handle heavy data input by thousands of concurrent users in a very tight timeframe. Running inside Oracle, Apex has the same processing power as the database it is installed in. It behaves like an enterprise level tool.
Large Data Sets
Apex was used to create CAA Online - an application that gave bank staff online access to about a million pages of CAA statements sent out by mainframe to middle market customers each month. Another Apex app, CAAfyi, allowed the same users direct access to the three years data. Apex handled these data requests with ease and efficiency. Apex security allows restricted access to data according to specified rules.


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